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In the media, 2006

Globe and Mail, December 16, 2006
Toronto Star, April 6, 2006

Information and Privacy Commission

Orders and Correspondence

May 13, 2009 order Simcoe County told to obtain the Modflow from consultant Jagger Hims. The order outlines the history of just one aspect of Site 41 opponents’ continually blocked efforts to work within the system to expose how dangerous this dump will be.

090615 Simcoe to Jagger

090626 Jagger to Simcoe

090728 IPC to Simcoe

090805 Simcoe to IPC

090806 IPC to Simcoe

090810 Simcoe to IPC

Rosenthal-Reid Opinion on County liability

August 21, 2009 Information and Privacy Commissioner Order MO-2449
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Oct. 29, 2009 Simcoe County to IPC re stay of IPC order

Nov. 17, 2009 Simcoe County lawyer to Stephen Ogden re Genivar deal

Nov. 18, 2009 Ogden lawyer rejects Genivar deal

Dec. 8, 2009 IPC ultimatum to Simcoe County

Feb. 12, 2010 IPC stays orders pending judicial review

County managers in court

Transcript of the Examinations of County Staff on August 14 by Peter Rosenthal representing Vicki Monague

Other Correspondence

Feb. 25, 2008 CMC Chair Ray Millar to Environment Minister John Gerretsen re Site 41, MODFLOW, Adams Mine Lake Act etc

Kawartha Nishnawbe First Nation Letter to Simcoe County  *Click Here To Read*

Council of Canadians Letter to Simcoe County August 20 *CLICK HERE TO READ*

Dr William Shotyk *CLICK HERE TO READ*

Interview with Dr William Shotyk *CLICK HERE TO READ*


Speech by Tiny Township Mayor Peggy Breckenridge, introducing moratorium motion at August 25 meeting of Simcoe County Council


Short Documentary on Dump Site 41 – Posted Sept. 18, 2009


Protecting the Waters: Six Arrests – August 17, 2009


The Day Before the Vote: Tony Guergis Posts Interview on YouTube


Moratorium Vote at Simcoe County August 25, 2009


August 13 rally in Toronto

“This is not a garbage issue” Some 500 people attended the Council of Canadians rally, moderated by Dale Goldhawk. and addressed by Stephen Ogden, David Crombie, Charlie Angus, Keith and Ina Wood, among others. Thanks to “nefarious” for video-taping and loading the video onto his site and Youtube. The video is 2 hours and 18 minutes long.

Interview with the Woods

‘We don’t have another Earth’ Retired farmers Keith and Ina Wood, 82 and 76, talk about their activities in the Site 41 protest. Police allege their actions were criminal and charged them with mischief the day after this interview. “I said I was only doing what I should be doing as a responsible citizen,” Ina told the cop. “That didn’t seem to cut it at all.”

July 25 Rally for a Moratorium in Perkinsfield

Blue Wave People Emceed by broadcaster Dale Goldhawk. In order of appearance: Vicki Monague, Shelley Essaunce and John Hawk of Beausoleil First Nation; Judith Grant of the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations, MP Charlie Angus, MP Bruce Stanton, Georgian Baykeeper Mary Muter, Tiny Township resident Stephen Ogden, writer William Allen, Tiny Township cottager David Crombie, UN advisor on Water Maude Barlow, Sandy Agnew of Zero Waste Simcoe. See also report on this website under Latest News and Updates, July 25 – Huge Rally attracts 2,500.

Protesters and Gerretsen in Toronto


The 411 on Dump Site 41 from NOW Magazine on Vimeo.

Tony and the Dump


Site 41 Drum Song


Lifeblood of the Universe by Bianca Lakoseljac

 Bounty in every way.
Wheat and barley groaning to weight of harvest
corn so high the crows give a wide berth
fields of soy hugging distant horizon
clover meadows cloaked in purple glory
bejewelled in honey bees on quest for golden mead. .. MORE

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Site 41


Be a Hero


Memories of the Toronto Rally



Reminder: Next Ontario Municipal Election November 8, 2010.  Here’s one candidate to think about:

In politics, name recognition is everything.

In politics, name recognition is everything.

Sept. 12 water ceremony at Anishinabe Kweag protest camp

water ceremony -Jim Simpson photo water ceremony - Jim Simpson photowater ceremony - Jim Simpson photo

The protest camp

July 25 rally in Perkinsfield

Danny, Stephen and John at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School in Aurora


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